5 New Restaurants in Beirut to Check Out

by LBTAdmin

It can be difficult to keep up with all the places popping up in Beirut, so we’ve compiled a list of new spots in town for you to try with the help of our friends at Taste & Flavors.



Where: Mar Mikhael

From delicious authentic Peruvian cuisine to Peruvian cocktails made by the restaurant’s award-winning mixologists, this place is a definite must for your next night out.

Signature: Ceviche

03 240980Facebook / Instagram



Where: Hamra

Made with the freshest ingredients, mouth-watering sauces, and in some cases an unusual potato bun, you won’t want to miss out on Lettuce Meat’s burgers.

Signature: Nuke Burger

01 739735 / Facebook / Instagram



Where: Gemmayzeh

This Asian joint serves all your favorite Asian foods, quick bites and noodles, straight from the wok.

Signature: Noodles Box

01 447716 / Facebook / Instagram



Where: Badaro

Although this place is new, it’s already earned itself a reputation for serving up delectable burgers with cheese-filled syringes.

Signature: Cheese Bomb Burger

71 893937 / Facebook / Instagram



Where: Gemmayzeh

This Japanese concept offers you the chance to grill your own selection of succulent meats, veggies, and/or seafood.

Signature: Japanese Wagyu Grade 5

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