Chocolate & Sunshine: Celebrating Lebanon Through Sweet Delights

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Founded by Roula Nahas, an individual whose deep love for their country sparked a desire to showcase Lebanon’s beauty and innovation, Chocolate & Sunshine is a charming chocolate brand that reflects the heart and soul of the country in every bite. We explore the inspiring story that led to its creation.



What inspired you to launch a chocolate brand in Lebanon?

It all started with my unconditional love for my country and the urge to show the world what a special place it is, as well as how great, innovative and visionary the Lebanese people are. Chocolate was simply the fastest “tool” to be used to convey my message.

Why did you choose the name Chocolate & Sunshine for your brand?

My nickname is sunshine and combined with chocolate, we had the perfect match. Furthermore, chocolate is like sunshine on a rainy day, making us all feel better. The word “sunshine” was also a natural choice, as we knew from the outset that we would ultimately develop a new range of items that, of course, will bring happiness to people.


What can you tell us about your collaboration with photographers Rami Rizk and Ali Daher?

It’s actually not the first time I work with Rami and Ali. These exceptional Lebanese photographers continue to show the magnificence of Lebanon through their lenses, introducing to us hidden gems and inviting us to explore Lebanon the way they see it. They are both generous, and their unconditional love for our country is remarkable. We collaborated a few years ago on Valentine’s Day with beautiful branded chocolates for the “Love of Lebanon,” and this year we worked on a project for the guests of HORECA Lebanon. You will soon be hearing about a more ambitious project on a bigger scale.

What can you tell us about the special range of chocolates that you created for Lebanon that were sold at the airport?

It all started with our bestseller tablets sold in duty free at Beirut International Airport and all over Lebanon, along with the iconic Beirut Box and Bhebak Ya Lebnen Box. In addition, we had a wide range of acrylic drages boxes in 15 different flavors, ranging from the dark ginger, cranberry and mint to the more classic almond, caramel and apricot. The tag line on everything was “From Beirut with Love”.

Are you available worldwide and do you have new products in the pipeline?

We do ship worldwide and always have new innovative products in the pipeline. We are always open to new challenges, and we considered expansion numerous times in the past. When the time is right, it will happen.

If you had to describe Lebanon in a sentence, what would you say?

My Lebanon is the most beautiful, strong, caring and loving country in the whole world.


What advice would you give tourists coming to Lebanon for the first time?

When you come to Lebanon, you don’t need advice; the loving people will welcome you, guide you, help you enjoy every minute of every single day. They speak all languages to host you in the best way possible and make you want to come back.


What is your dream for Lebanon?

My dream is for Lebanon is to be a safe and prosperous country, where my family and friends can live in peace and harmony instead of waiting for holidays and summer break. My dream is to see my kids growing old here, raising their families and creating memories in the land of their parents.

For more information, check their Instagram or conctact them on +961 3 304 605.

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