Hidden in Tyre’s old quarter is Dar Camelia. This eight-room boutique hotel was carefully restored as a beautiful encounter between a Moroccan riad and a traditional Lebanese home.

Photos: René Schulthoff

Its interiors reflect Tyre’s unique heritage as a prominent Phoenician city and Mediterranean trade post, blending East and West with a melange of rich details.

Artisanal closets and mirrors salvaged from Beirut’s antique stores; luscious Moroccan drapery and Indonesian carved doors; jewel toned walls and impressive canopy beds – the exquisite details make for an unforgettable experience in the heart of one of the world’s oldest inhabited cities.

What to do

As one of the most notable Phoenician cities, Tyre boasts two large archaeological sites, Al Bass and Al Mina, that are must-visits for curious travelers. The sea is an important part of everyday life in the city, so visitors can engage in various water activities and enjoy the city’s famous fresh fish.

Rooms at Dar Camelia start at 225,000 LBP (150 USD) per night.


Text: Reem Joudi


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