Enter the Newest Guesthouses in Lebanon

by Maria Frangieh

Check out these new guesthouses in Lebanon that offer stylish and unique accommodation. From charming spots in the mountains to places on the coast, there is something for everyone.

Bayt Karam

Nestled in the scenic village of Ehden, Bayt Karam (+961 79 101 201) is a lovely addition to the guesthouse scene in Lebanon. This traditional house offers a unique experience with its open-space design, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of the countryside. Bayt Karam is the perfect choice for a quiet retreat and an example for the rich Lebanese heritage.


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Bee Ehden

Discover modern and affordable apartments in the heart of Ehden. Al Ketle, Al Kobra, Al Midan, Al Nabaa and Al Sayde provide an exceptional stay with a blend of modern, artistic and vibrant design. Each of the five apartments at Bee Ehden (+961 78 880 733) is designed to accommodate a specific number of guests.


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Beit Toureef 

Beit Toureef Guesthouse (+961 70 249 550), a beautifully restored historic blue house in Beirut, showcases exceptional architecture and a commitment to superior guest service. This guesthouse in Lebanon is designed to captivate you with its unusual blend of heritage and modernity.


Casa Azul Anfeh

Casa Azul Anfeh (+961 71 819 366) is a hidden gem in the heart of one of Lebanon’s most well-known coastal towns. This high-end furnished guesthouse promises a comfortable and memorable escape for visitors seeking rest and relaxation by the sea.


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Cezanne (+961 71 441 944), Charme de Provence, is a special place in Dbayeh that promises a taste of French culinary excellence within the charming ambience of an old villa. With four elegant guestrooms, a delightful restaurant and a serene poolside retreat, Cezanne is the perfect destination for those who appreciate excellent cuisine and original architecture.


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Cherrytales Hammana

Cherrytales (+961 71 817 172 -3 / +961 5 533 131-2) in Hammana is a guesthouse, rooftop bar and pool, providing an experience like no other. With picturesque views and an inviting atmosphere, Cherrytales stands out from the crowd. So, whether you’re seeking a relaxing stay, a vibrant rooftop experience or a refreshing dip in the infinity pool, Cherrytales won’t disappoint you.


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Cove Guesthouse

Cove Guesthouse (+961 70 278 078) beckons you to an enchanting oasis where vintage charm harmonizes with modern luxury. This newly renovated stone house in the picturesque town of Ghosta offers a tranquil two-bedroom retreat with panoramic views of Jounieh Bay. Ideal for those in search of a mountain escape near Beirut, Cove boasts vintage elegance and modern comfort. In addition to that, the breathtaking view ensures you’ll want to linger in this perfect getaway.


Dar Asmat

Dar Asmat Guesthouse in Bahsa Bay Batroun seamlessly blends traditional charm with modern amenities. This intimate retreat features a beautiful garden perfect for barbecues and relaxation, providing a charming atmosphere for unwinding. Nestled in the serene landscapes of Batroun, this guesthouse allows you to wake up to the sounds of nature and offers an idyllic escape, whether you seek a romantic getaway or a peaceful retreat with friends and family.


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Del Saule

If you’re looking for a tranquil escape from the city, Del Saule Guesthouse (+961 76368 706) in Hrajel is a great choice. Just three minutes from the highway, this guesthouse offers accommodation for up to five guests. This place features a bedroom, two sofa beds, an outdoor jacuzzi and barbecue facilities. Guests can take advantage of access to a private garden and essential amenities, ensuring a rejuvenating stay in a serene environment.


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Iskan دار

Escape to Iskanدار in Ehden (+961 76 974 479), where modern elegance meets natural splendor for a captivating retreat. With four chalets and two suites, each named after beautiful flowers, you’ll enjoy stunning valley views, a delicious breakfast each morning and modern interior design.


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Jiran القمر

Jiran El Amar Guesthouse ( +961 3 593 975) is a charming duplex Airbnb villa located in Hadath El Jebbeh. With four bedrooms, a large Intex pool, an outdoor terrace with a grill and a fruit garden, this guesthouse offers a delightful escape for up to 15 guests. Indeed, Jiran El Amar is the perfect retreat for those seeking a serene getaway.


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La Mattina Guesthouse

La Mattina Guesthouse (+961 76 855 567) offers a beachfront haven with four cozy chalets, pools and a space to host your events. Situated in Safra, the guesthouse provides direct access to the shoreline, allowing guests to relax to the soothing sounds of the waves.


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Maison Batache

Maison Batache (+961 81 001 948) is a charming Lebanese mansion in the heart of Hasroun souk. This brand-new guesthouse features seven beautifully renovated master rooms, each floor equipped with its own kitchen. Guests can rent the entire house or just a single room, along with a breakfast service. Maison Batache promises a delightful stay in the heart of the mountainous beauty of Hasroun.


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Experience the serene beauty of RUخ, a perfect getaway near Ehden ( +961 81 584 854), accommodating up to six persons. This villa boasts a fully equipped kitchen, a master bedroom, a bedroom with four single beds, music corner and private pool set amid lush surroundings. With its idyllic location in the scenic area of Mazraat el Toufah, you’ll be captivated by breathtaking mountain views, greenery and luxurious facilities. All of the above will make from this guesthouse the ideal destination for relaxation and unforgettable gatherings with friends.


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Sea Breeze Anfeh

Sea Breeze Anfeh (+961 71 553 778) is a unique guesthouse located on the shores of Anfeh. The property provides guests with a modern furnished room and an exclusive rooftop experience. With its prime coastal location, this retreat promises an unforgettable stay. In fact, you can bask in the beauty of the sea while enjoying a private and tranquil escape!


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Secrets of Nature

Indulge in rustic luxury at Secrets of Nature (+961 71 013 924), a cozy chalet nestled in Mtein, Mount Lebanon. This tranquil escape, surrounded by pine trees, is the perfect getaway for couples. The charming cabin features a comfortable seating with a bed and modern services. There is an open-view bathroom, perfect for contemplating the beauty of the valley, pool and verdant forest. Simply put, it’s an idyllic spot for a romantic retreat.


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The Retreat Guesthouse

Escape to The Retreat Guesthouse (+961 71 489 669 | +961 3 740 032). This serene villa offers breathtaking scenery and a delightful outdoor pool.  Located just seven minutes away from Batroun, this retreat boasts four bedrooms, a vast living room, along with a charming dining room and kitchen. The property features gardens, an outdoor pool, pergola, barbecue area, basketball court and more. It’s the perfect destination for gatherings, private events and relaxation, presenting an idyllic haven for up to eight people.


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Tranquil Villa

Experience the epitome of serenity and luxury at Tranquil Villa, the perfect destination for an unforgettable retreat. Enjoy relaxation and reconnection with your loved one and complete it with a massage or a soak in the jacuzzi.


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Villa Botanica

Step into Villa Botanica Private Escape, a vintage masterpiece filled with antique treasures from around the world. This hidden gem is nestled amidst a garden of over 50 plant species. Divided into three unique sections, this Airbnb villa offers both privacy and a connection with nature. Moreover, you can find a pool and garden area that will transport you to a tropical paradise. It can welcome up to 8 guests. Combining the charm of Byblos with the exotic beauty of Thailand, Villa Botanica is a must-visit retreat.


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