Things We Love About the Lebanese Pavilion at Expo 2020

by LBTAdmin

As Expo 2020 takes Dubai by storm, we highlight three fantastic things about the Lebanese pavilion.


Located in Expo 2020’s opportunity zone, the pavilion exposes the talent and potential of Lebanon during a crucial time in its history. In parallel, it is a beacon of light for all Lebanese, highlighting opportunities and chances for growth.


TOGETHER WE WALK is the motto of the pavilion. The collective walk refers to the principles of synergy and solidarity that create change and opportunities. In this pavilion, the Lebanese people are putting their legendary mobility, reactivity and flexibility together to walk in the same direction, toward a common vision to build a future nation and a better world.


Designed by Lebanese architect Rudy Faisal, with fits outs, concept and management by ONCE Entertainments, the pavilion appears enigmatic from the outside but dynamic inside.


The itinerary continues through the second space which is a temporary exhibition space where Lebanese artists participate in thematic rotational exhibitions on monthly or bimonthly basis, selected accordingly to a main theme covering traditional visuals arts as ceramics, sculpture, paintings, as well as the most comprehensive digital art creations. Its objective is to showcase the moving and incredibly creative Lebanese art scene.


The third space is a multipurpose space featuring a corporate as well as a cultural content displayed simultaneously on 4 large screens. This space is apprehended as a TV room in a forest of swings reproducing the mobility and synergy of the Lebanese people and their ability to always move forward. It also evokes the lush Lebanese forests and the quality of the outdoor life that are among the country’s greatest natural assets.

The screens will feature short movies in relation to the opportunity subtheme and will be tackled through Innovation, Inclusion and knowledge, Education and Youth, New Industries, Tourism, Heritage and Culture, Arts, Sports and nature, Governance.


Exhibits exquisite artisanal products, souvenirs, and ready-to-wear fashion clothes specially created by the famous international Lebanese designers. The concept store is also meant to promote Lebanese fashion, which is mainly elitist and an Haute Couture one, and invest its prestige for an added value ready-to-wear production, accessible to the larger public. It covers fully Design Innovation giving a platform to young Lebanese talents, Advantage to the user since a wide range of products are very high quality artisanal work at competitive prices, Advantage to the society since it’s mainly based on reviving traditions, empowering youth and women in addition to supporting local craftsmanship and finally Sustainability being one of the motto of our Concept Store.


The Wine bar features the Lebanese Wine Industry with more than 19 internationally renowned brands. Wine tasting and initiation to oenology will take place in the Wine bar with prominent Lebanese sommeliers.

The restaurant serves Lebanese specialties (slow food) for the visitors and could serve gastronomic Lebanese cuisine during special events. Following the same vision of the pavilion, the restaurant will celebrate Lebanese food and traditions that unite communities. It will also promote and preserve culinary traditions, rural heritage and the natural environment. The menu will be based on fresh products encouraging organic, eco-friendly practices.

The outdoors restaurant is equipped with a stage and bleachers where performers will randomly animate the food experience with music, talks and workshops.


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