On Your Marks for the Lebanese Wine Rally Paper

by LBTAdmin

The Lebanese Wine Rally Paper project is an annual agricultural, cultural, social and tourist activity aimed at shedding light on the local wine sector and its entire production process. Here, we tell you all you need to know, including how to take part.

Spanning 10 months, the Lebanese Wine Rally Paper encourages young participants to complete specific tasks throughout the four seasons, answering unique questions on social media and solving puzzles related to the wine industry.

Unlike traditional rallies, success in this project depends on how quickly participants can find the correct answers and execute required tasks to earn consecutive points for victory.

The project was developed by journalist Justin Issac and his team, and is organizaed under the patronage of the general director of the Ministry of Agriculture engineer Louis Lahoud, in collaboration with the National Institute of Vine and Wine.

The designated pit stops across various regions in Lebanon provide a platform for communal gatherings and cultural exchange. Indeed, the Lebanese Wine Rally Paper promises to be an enriching and rewarding adventure for all participants, further contributing to the promotion and appreciation of Lebanon’s rich wine heritage.

For more information or to participate, contact Justin Issac on +961 3 596 813.



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