Jisr el Qadi and Bsous

by LBTAdmin

Jisr el Qadi, a village on the Damour river between Beiteddine and Souk el-Gharb, is definitely worth a visit. Here, local craftsmen have made pottery for hundreds of years. Walk along the Damour river to discover beautiful canyons, before driving to the convent of the Saint Coeurs Congregation of Sisters (SSCC) Ainab in the midst of pine trees. The next day take the road to Aley and stop for lunch before continuing to Bsous to visit the silk museum (05 940767, thesilkmuseum.com).

Sleep Stay overnight in the convent of the Saint Coeur Ainab (05 410746).


Eat Enjoy a picnic by the river in Jisr el Qadi. In the evening don’t miss a delicious meal cooked by the nuns of the convent of Ainab or stop at an Aley restaurant.


See Visit the pottery workshops in Jisr el Qadi and the historic bridge from which the village takes its name, built during the Mamluk period over the Damour River by Emir Zayn ad-Dine at-Tannoukhi. In Aley see the open-air international art exhibition and visit the small zoo at Animal Encounter to discover different native animals and plants (05 558724, nimalencounter.org)


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