Lebanon Traveler and Responsible Mobilities have chosen for you a 2-days itinerary in the region of El-Maten. During which you will visit the villages of Qanat Bakish, Baskinta and Khonshara.


First day

Stage 1: Reach Qanat Bakish via the Bikfayya – Baskinta road. Start your visit by renting your snowshoes at Snow Sport in Baskinta. Then you can have breakfast at Georges Aroyan’s traditional bakery at the entrance of the town before setting off on your hike.

Stage 2: Continue towards the plateaus of Qanat Bakish at an altitude of 1,750 meters above sea level, here you will have an amazing panoramic view over Sannine’s peak Al-Mzar to the east and the Mediterranean Sea to the west.

Stage 3: You can start with a snowshoe loop at the foot of the old ski lift and climb to the planted cedar forest at 1,900 meters, then go down to the plane again near the Snow Land Hotel and Ski School. While snowshoeing, remain silent so that you and your teammates can come across the hares in the area that point their long ears over the rocks. You can even follow their steps on the snow and find their holes.

Stage 4: End your day at Hobeika guesthouse in Baskinta village. The owner, Georges Hobeika, will be more than willing to guide you during your walks in the region. A well-heated guest and living room await you after a traditional meal, starting with steaming special lentil soup.


Stage 5: In Baskinta, meet the families of famous Lebanese authors such as Michael Naaimeh and Sleyman Kettaneh. 

Second day

Stage 1: Visit the nearby village of Khonshara and its rock perched monastery of St. John from the Greek Catholic community. An old church with a wooden iconostasis offers you a quiet place to meditate.


Stage 2: After your rest, wet your palette at a newly found winery and savor the different locally produced wines.

Stage 3: Don’t miss the unique printing press museum and the astonishing icons painting workshop. 

Stage 4: Time to go home after two days of culture and nature.

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Article edited on November 7, 2021


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