Celebrating Phoenician Crafts At Les Ateliers De Tyr

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Located in the heart of the southern city of Tyre, Les Ateliers De Tyr was created with several goals in mind. From female empowerment to reviving ancient Phoenician traditions, this ecovillage does it all. We take a tour with Maha Al Khalil, the project’s founder.

What inspired you to create Les Ateliers de Tyr?

The inspiration came from the old Phoenician civilization; Tyre was the source of all their crafts. And the people of Tyre used to teach those crafts to the rest of the world while sailing around the Mediterranean, such as glass blowing, which they taught in Murano, Italy.

Why is female empowerment an important part of this project?

We believe that women are the base of equilibrium in society; and it’s essential that women, particularly in South Lebanon, are given opportunities to be independent.

What can visitors look forward to?

So many things: rare art crafts, such as screen printing, recycled glass blowing, blowpipe glass blowing, glass painting and pottery.

Visitors can also enjoy a wide selection of activities and workshops, like hiking, spending time in the heart of nature, and orange picking. They can also spend the night and have lunch or dinner. It’s so close to the historical sites of Tyre as well as the beach.

What are your plans for the future?

We want to put Les Ateliers de Tyr on the map, promote Tyre and revive the ancient Phoenician-era crafts that were taught here. We also want to host schools, educate kids and nourish their dreams. Lastly, we would like to reach a point where we can be a totally sustainable project.

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