Lighting it Up with Gabriel Fernaine, Founder of Rebirth Beirut

by LBTAdmin

Rebirth Beirut is one of the capital’s most beautiful initiatives. Although it was established in September 2020 in response to the tragic blast that struck the city of Beirut, its work has extended to street lighting and cultural events. We caught up with Gabriel Fernaine, founder and president of Rebirth Beirut, to learn more about the organization’s activities and future plans.

What can you tell us about the mission of Rebirth Beirut?

Rebirth Beirut’s main mission is to revive Beirut and to bring hope to its people, especially those who were the most affected by the blast and recent economic crisis, aiming for economic renewal and recovery in the capital.

What are some of your major achievements to date?

The initiatives and projects undertaken by Rebirth Beirut have had a significant impact on the local community. Indeed, since May 2022, the group has been responsible for lighting up 128 streets, nine avenues, four squares, two stairs, a tunnel and a garden around Beirut as part of its initiative “Let’s Light Up Our Community,” in partnership with Medco and in collaboration with the private sector and the local community. This has resulted in an increased sense of security for people out at night and has created safer roads for pedestrians and cars. Well-lit streets have also resulted in the improvement of economic life: stores stay open longer, restaurants do more business and touristic spots have been brought back to life.

Furthermore, 16 traffic light intersections are now operational on solar power, and and 1,000 potholes have been fixed.

In addition to restoring the city’s infrastructure, Rebirth Beirut also aims to enrich the cultural scene in Beirut by promoting local and international artists through exhibitions and other events. To date, the organization has hosted 36 art exhibitions in its cultural space in Gemmayzeh.

Further, it has organized fundraising events, namely a concert by the popular Lebanese band Adnois, a comedy show with John Achkar at La Scene, a mini marathon with Beirut Marathon Association, a jazz night with Yasmina Farah and Dr. Jad Habib at Darling Society, an evening at ODIN with JP Sikias and Caline Chidiac, as well as free-of-charge events, such as the annual Fete de la Musique and an annual Christmas concert with La Chanterie de Beyrouth.

What’s coming up in 2024 and 2025?

Rebirth Beirut’s street lighting and traffic lights projects are ongoing. There are also many exhibitions and cultural events lined up, as well as upcoming concerts and musical events.

Moreover, there are initiatives such as street cleaning, tree planting and the rehabilitation of public gardens.

How can people support Rebirth Beirut?

People can support Rebirth Beirut by donating money, sponsoring an event or by spreading news about the organization. For more information, refer to



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