Mini Guide to Kfour

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The idyllic village of Kfour is nestled on the side of the mountains overlooking the bay of Jounieh. It is often referred to as an amphitheater because it offers a view of almost 180 degrees of the coast.


Photo – Jad Abou Arrage

The village is highly coveted by tourists and nature lovers alike due to the shimmering color palette of its enchanting landscape, the highlight of which is the “source” trail.

Getting There

Head north out of Beirut and fork at Maameltein to Kfarhbab. Continue on the Ghazir – Jdeidet Ghazir – Kfour Road.

What to Do


Photo – Jad Abou Arrage

Hiking the source trail

Named after the five sources of drinking water in the Kfour valley, the source trail is known as the hidden gem of Kfour. The springs feed a rich flora of pines, oaks, cedars, olive trees, and fruit trees, which create a heavenly scent. The streams gushing generously through the rocks contribute to the ambient coolness. The 4.5 km trail welcomes hikers in a peaceful setting that respects the rich heritage of its surroundings.

The Three Churches

Another distinctive feature of Kfour is its three stunning churches: Saint Charbel, Saint George, and Saint Marie de l’Enchif. The Saint Charbel Church is the oldest in the village, founded on the ruins of a pagan temple. It is characterized, like the church Saint Marie de l’Enchif, by its white stones, its purity, and its modesty.

In the center of Kfour stands the Church of Saint George, which is being restored. Ras El Knissé, on the highest peak of Kfour, a gigantic cross is perched. Called “Ras El Knissé,” this site overlooks a divine landscape. Nature lovers come to contemplate a rather impressive phenomenon: an intense fog in full summer camouflaging the bird’s-eye view which one normally has of green hills and the bay of Jounieh.

Where to Eat

While most of Kfour’s buildings, relics, and churches have changed over time, Abou Tony (+961 9 780 545) still looks the same way it did 30 years ago; and the food is still as delicious as when it first opened. It is famous for its mouthwatering chicken taouk sandwich, among other yummy specialties.

Where to Sleep


Beit Trad

Beit Trad (+961 70 414 242) is an exceptional 19th-century home in Kfour. It is imbued with the kind of magic that gently awakens the senses while soothing the mind. Beit Trad’s most enchanting feature is its outdoor swimming pool: a luscious lagoon in a perfect palazzo.


Article published on March 2, 2021.
Article edited on October 3, 2021.


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