Outdoor Movies at Cabriolet Film Festival

by LBTAdmin

Taking place from 8-10 June 2018 on the famous St. Nicholas Steps in Gemmayze, the Cabriolet Film Festival is celebrating a decade of bringing short films to Beirut.

The three-day festival will screen 45 short films from around the world under the theme of “Freedom.” The events are free of charge.

“We want to show as many people as we can the different ways various cultures, Lebanese, Italian, Mexican and others,  talk about or deal with issues of freedom in their culture,” festival founder Ibrahim Samaha says. “We have a taboo in Lebanon that if we think of something in a certain way, then everyone thinks the same. These films uncover this falsehood through entertainment.”

Founded in 2009, the festival exchanges Lebanese short films for foreign ones with other film festivals across the globe.

The opening night will be a red carpet affair, with several of the actors and directors from the films in attendance.

The first film of the festival, “Je Ne Veux Pas Mourir” by Massimo Loi and Gianluca Mangiasciutti, manages to pack a powerful message in just four minutes.

“You can see a theater troupe on stage with migrants from different countries who are trying their best to perform but the audience is all blindfolded except for a little girl,” says Samaha.

A free workshop and competition will be held by Canon on 9 June. The best picture taken during the workshop will be awarded a camera.

For the full program, visit cabrioletfilmfestival.com.


Text: Maghie Ghali




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