Welcoming the New Season the Right Way: Spring Adventures

by Maria Frangieh

After a long and harsh winter, we are delighted to welcome a milder season filled with colorful flowers, sunny days and positive vibes. Here are some activities that’ll help you enjoy the start of spring in Lebanon.


Photo – @marylynn.samaha

  1. Spring skiing 

If you haven’t tried skiing in spring, you’ve definitely missed out! Even though winter is the official ski season, there’s nothing better than hitting the piste when the sun is out. Many ski resorts across Lebanon stay open until April, so you can still take advantage of the snow.


Photo – @hiking.lb

  1. Hiking 

Whether in the North, the South, the Bekaa, on the coast or in the mountains, hiking enthusiasts can definitely find a magnificent trail in Lebanon. With everything happening going on in the world, more people are spending time in nature, becoming more aware of its mental and physical health benefits. 


Photo – @arsoun.village

  1. Picnicking 

Spring means splendid weather, and beautiful weather calls for a cosy picnic with friends and family under clear skies and golden sunrays. Luckily, there are countless locations in Lebanon to enjoy a picnic, including: Arsoun Village (+961 71 226 111) in Arsoun, Hillhout village (+961 70 757 711) and Swings (+961 3 796 648) in Khenchara – el Maten, Tannourine Picnic Park (+961 3 242 597) in the North, among others.


Photo – @chahtoulcamping

  1. Camping

Star gazing at night, singing around the fire and going on a hike are just a few of the fun activities associated with camping. As people are turning more and more to outdoor activities, camping sites are booming in Lebanon. Even if you are not confident in pitching a tent, many places offer unique camping experiences, such as: Chahtoul camping (+961 70 302 040), Sharewood (+961 3 294 298) in el Maten, Cheer Up Camping (+961 70 770 225) in Bchaaleh and many others. 


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