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The Magic of Dar Linda

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There are some truly unique guesthouses in Lebanon that'll transport you to another world. L'Hote Libanais presents one such magical retreat.


It takes an adventurous spirit to reach Dar Linda, a pretty home nestled in the heart of the lush Shouf Mountains. Overlooking the village of Deir El Qamar, the property is reached by a road that meanders steep mountains slopes, revealing breathtaking views of endless green valleys.

Besides its instant charm, Dar Linda wows guests with its remarkable design, executed by famous French architect Jacques Liger Belair. Combining modern elements with local aesthetics, the two-bedroom guesthouse accommodates four people and features a rooftop and a relaxing garden area, surrounded by mulberry and fig trees.

The trio behind Dar Linda is made up of Nour and her two sons, Karim and Kamal, who transformed the space into an elegant home. The guesthouse is brimming with ethnographic objects and artifacts that Nour, a distinguished historian and longtime advocate of preserving Lebanese heritage, acquired over her long career and travels, some of which date back to Ottoman times. She artfully showcases and curates them at Dar Linda, ensuring that every guest receives a unique, artistic, and luxurious experience.

Rooms starting from: 225,000 LBP (150 USD) including breakfast

For more information visit

FROM 08 SEP 2017 - TO 19 JUN 2017


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