We all love to start the day with a satisfying breakfast, and with so many options in Lebanon, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with choices. However, we can point you in the right direction! Simply follow our list of the best breakfast spots that are guaranteed to serve you great food in the morning and a bill you can digest!

  1. The Lebanese Bakery: Achrafieh

Found in the heart of Achrafieh, The Lebanese Bakery (+961 1 337 807) serves traditional manouche and mouajjanet with a variety of different toppings, including classic cheese to hummus and beetroot manoushe. This little neighborhood bakery sources its ingredients from farmers across Lebanon, making every bite truly local.


Photo – @thelebanesebakery


  1. Ichkhanian Bakery: Zalka and Zokak el Blat

You cannot skip a hearty breakfast at Ichkhanian Bakery (+961 4 717 586). This Armenian bakery is most famous for its traditional lahmajun, which it has been serving since 1946. Infused with pomegranate molasses and spices, this meaty delight is simply irresistible! (Vegetarian option available.)


Photo – @ichkhanian.bakery


  1. Pain de Sesame: Zalka

Knefe lovers unite at Pain de Sesame (+961 1 690 102). Open until noon, this simple spot serves hot and cheesy knefe that’s not too sweet or heavy. What’s more, the soft and fluffy kaake is made in-house.


Photo – Wissam Akl


  1. B.Hive: Hamra

Having experienced a recent boom as a coffee shop for university students, B.Hive (+961 1 355 351) also happens to be a great place for your morning fix! Savory sandwiches, pancakes, granola cups, bowls of cereal and any breakfast item you might crave can be found on the menu. (Vegan options available.)


Photo – @b.hivelb


  1. Kaakeh Square: Mar Mikhael

Kaakeh Square (+961 1 568 095) offers over 20 different kaake combinations, including cheese, zaatar, kafta and soujouk. You’ll also find oat and seeded kaake on the menu. If you end up going with a friend, try the “brunch for two” option and enjoy assorted sides for you to customize your own square.


Photo – @kaakehsquare


  1. Roots Eatery: Mrouj

Roots Eatery (+961 81 297 397) serves an array of delicious breakfast items, such as eggs, halloumi, stuffed kaake, cold sandwiches and pastries! Indulge in a selection of stomach-satisfying favorites indoors on the terrace, which boasts the most amazing views!


Photo – @roots_eatery


  1. SUD: Dbayeh

The crowd favorite SUD Resto Bar (+961 81 666 481) features an “all-day brunch” option on its menu from 11am until 3pm. Choose one of the three set formulas or mix and match from the sweet, savory and egg section.


Photo – @sudrestobar


  1. Al Mouajjanati: Hamra

Al Mouajjanati (+961 1 750 766) is a Lebanese bakehouse that offers all types of sweet and savory pastries, croissants, doughnuts and more! 


Photo – @zomatolb


  1. El Soussi: Mar Elias

El Soussi (+961 1 312 145) is an iconic breakfast spot that has stood the test of time. Passed down through the generations, it was recognized by CNN as being one of the best foul and hummus restaurants in the world. 


Photo – @elsoussiresto


  1. Sawani Falfoul: Badaro

Sawani Falfoul (+961 1 382 212) focuses on three main dishes: falafel, fatteh and foul. It actively promotes local, organic produce by supporting Lebanese farmers and small businesses. Authentic dishes are served with a unique twist, such as fattet sfiha! The place is also open 24/7.


Photo – @lebanonmoments


  1. Raseef Beirut: Hamra

Raseef Beirut (+961 1 340 081) is an old Beiruti house that has been transformed into a restaurant, café, pub and guesthouse. The ambience is relaxed, with plants all around you. The menu features a special breakfast formula to kick start your day. 


Photo – @raseef.beirut


  1. Fern Ghattas: Gemmayze

Don’t let the size of Fern Ghattas (+961 1 585 218) fool you. This cozy 1920s bakery boasts more than 30 traditional manouche options, fatayer, sandwiches and mini bites. 


Photo – Fern Ghattas


  1. Croissant Al Sheikh: Baabdat and Hamra

Croissant Al Sheikh (Baabdat +961 1 361 211/Hamra +961 1 745 748) specializes in croissants. Choose cheese, thyme or chocolate for a fantastic breakfast that hits the spot every time.


Photo – Antoun Boustani


  1. Nî café: ABC Verdun and ABC Achrafieh

(Verdun: +961 1 812 330, Achrafieh: +961 1 330 214) offers different breakfast formulas from different cities around the world! For those who simply can’t get enough, the open breakfast buffet every Saturday and Sunday morning, from 10am until 12pm, is a must.


Photo – @tasty.lb


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