5 Fabulous Female Forces to Meet at We Design Beirut

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As We Design Beirut gears up to honor a city of immense beauty and creative riches, we highlight five fabulous women designers who are part of the exciting lineup at the much-awaited four-day event, taking place across Beirut from 23-26 May 2024.


Michele Braidy – architect and designer

Michele Braidy’s work focuses on multidisciplinary circular design. Through her “Immanent Design” approach, she aims at establishing new design ethics for social, cultural and environmental sustainability, redefining the role of the designer as a network creator through production process awareness, from material extraction to products end of life.

Mantra: “Breathe and just be!”

Braidy at We Design Beirut: Braidy’s installation, co-created with Hearth (Reem Hial) and Alyaf (Badria el Osta), aims at showing the benefits of circular design on a cultural, economic, political and environmental levels, and the importance of putting back the notion of land at the centre of design discourses. It can be viewed at Abroyan Factory.


Randa Missir – art and design collector

Randa Missir’s collectible design gallery houses an impressive collection of unique ceramic and glass pieces, from both internationally renowned designers and exceptional Lebanese talent. Although an avid appreciator of art from a young age, Missir’s entry into the world of design follows an organic path of experimentation and passion that has ultimately crystalized in Pik’d Gallery, which she launched in 2018.

Mantra: “Always believe in yourself, the power you have within and chase your dreams.”

Missir at We Design Beirut: The mission of Pik’d is to promote Lebanese ceramist artists, expand their reach and strengthen their presence in the design community. Guests can visit the Pik’d popup at PSLab.


Joelle Mouawad – ceramist

Born in Lebanon and currently based in Beirut after 31 years in Paris, Joelle Mouawad studied interior architecture at the prestigious School of Arts of Penninghen and the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Modernes in Paris, where she specialized in prints on textile. She began painting on porcelain, undertaking projects for Villeroy & Boch with the collaboration of Maggy Champsaur and working with the architect and designer Michel Boyer. These experiences have greatly influenced her artistic style.

After years of painting on porcelain, Mouawad felt the desire to create her own pieces, leading her to the world of pottery at the Natalie Khayat Studio, which she pursued under the tutelage of Neville Salha.

Her pieces are bold and colorful, reflecting her deep appreciation for architecture and her love for Art Deco. The prominent designs and vibrant shades in her ceramics showcase the perfect blend of structural precision and artistic expression.

Mantra: “Never give up!”

Mouawad at We Design Beirut: Currently, Mouawad is showcasing three of her pieces at We Design Beirut, in collaboration with Pik’d, at PSLab. This exhibition highlights her latest works and offers a glimpse into her ever-evolving creative journey.


Dima Stephan – interior architect

Interior architect Dima Stephan has over a decade of spatial work to her name. The curious world of rattan, in particular, intrigued her when she came across a local artisan who introduced her to his specialty. Ever since, Stephan has been in love with the material, its properties and how it can be manipulated in design. Today, after five years, Stephan is Lebanon’s youngest female artisan of rattan, working with international and local designers, art collectors and renowned architects.

Mantra: “Rattan is hard work, physically demanding and requires patience and love; this is exactly why this domain is not exclusive to men.”

Stephan at We Design Beirut: Part of the Métiers d’art Exhibition at PSLab, Stephan will be representing rattan in all shapes and forms. She will showcase this natural material from its origins, all the way to the final product, for purchase. Furthermore, Stephan will demonstrate the properties of rattan before a live audience, welcoming visitors to feel, experience and observe the diversity of this unique world.


Rhea Younes – creative director

Rhea Younes is the founder and creative director of Collective Y. Her journey in the field of bespoke furniture design and production started very early on at her family’s practice, with her unbounded imagination, sketches and fascination with materials and fabrics. Based between Paris and Beirut, Younes draws inspiration from eras long gone, her travels, nature’s forces and the art of serving. She invites viewers into a world that inspires and evokes an array of emotions, where energy flows boundlessly throughout her collections.

Mantra: “Our creative process focuses on preserving and experimenting with artisanal techniques, exploring an array of materials and refining upholstery practices to create our bespoke pieces.”

Younes at We Design Beirut: Collective Y is bringing to life a novel interpretation of craftsmanship, pushing the envelope at our two showcases, under the theme of A Pastel Oasis. Younes’ work can be viewed at PSLab and at Villa Audi.


For more details about exhibiting artisans and designers, visit wedesignbeirut.com.


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