5 Great Reasons to Visit Jordan

by Aya Khoury

Situated at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe, Jordan is home to historic cities, museums and luxury resorts, and has something to suit all travelers. In partnership with the Jordan Tourism Board, we reveal five top reasons why you should visit this country at least once in your lifetime!

1. Visa-free entry

The good news for Lebanese passport holders is that you can travel to Jordan at short notice. Tourist visas are available upon arrival at Queen Alia International Airport, Amman.

2. Short plane ride

One of the other benefits of traveling to Jordan from Lebanon is the short flight duration. It takes just 1 hour to reach Amman from Beirut, making it a perfect destination for a long weekend.

3. World-famous sites


a) Petra is one of the 7 Wonders of the World. Renowned for its charm and ancient cultural heritage, Petra marks the achievement of an impressive civilization, the Nabataean Arabs, who perfectly carved the city into its mountains. During the first centuries BC to AD, the ancient site is believed to have been home to up to 30,000 people and was an important center for trade. It then remained uninhabited for over five centuries until rediscovered by a Swiss explorer in 1812, hence the name the “Lost City.”

Sunset in Wadi-Rum

b) The genuine attraction of Wadi Rum is the desert itself, best experienced by off-road vehicles, on a camel or by foot. Some visitors only spend a few hours in the valley, but it’s worth staying overnight at one of the Bedouin camps in the desert and taking a guided trip. Some of the most popular camps include: Memories Aicha Luxury Camp and Rum Stars Camp.

Dead Sea

c) The Dead Sea is a spectacular natural wonder located 427 meters below sea level. The unusually warm, buoyant and mineral-rich waters have attracted visitors since ancient times, including King Herod the Great and the beautiful Egyptian Queen Cleopatra.

Completely devoid of life, the Dead Sea contains high levels of minerals and dissolved salts, which is why you can float in it. Bathing in the water has been proven to treat hives, cellulite, acne and psoriasis. It can also help to soothe joint pain. The mud is also rich in nutrients and a natural remedy for psoriasis, skin impurities and acne.

Baptism Site of Jesus Christ

 d) The authenticity of the Baptism Site of Jesus Christ, on the eastern bank of the River Jordan, is as pure as the testimonies from the gospels, pilgrims and travelers who have experienced it. Considered the actual location where John the Baptist baptized Christ, this archeological World Heritage site is immensely beautiful and wholly spiritual.

Nightlife in Jordan

4. Exciting nightlife and entertainment

While it might not be the first thing that comes to mind, Jordan’s entertainment scene has come a long way in recent years. The city of Amman boasts plenty of trendy bars, funky restaurants and live music venues. In addition, the country hosts a number of lively festivals throughout the year, including the Jerash Festival.

Hospitality in Jordan

5. Unrivalled hospitality

Rest assured that the locals will go above and beyond to make foreign visitors feel at home in Jordan. From showing you around to inviting you in for a cup of Arabic coffee, Jordanians try to make sure that every visitor has a memorable stay. Indeed, tourists are always impressed by the warm welcome they receive.

Generosity extends to the table, so expect abundant meals that feature an array of Jordanian specialties, such as mansaf and dates.

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