Al Bustan International Festival: Thirty Years of Excellence

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Standing at the pinnacle of music, art and culture, the renowned Al Bustan International Festival returns from February 21 to March 17. We explore the stellar lineup of performances.

A Tribute to Puccini: Opening Night (Wednesday, February 21)

Kicking off the festivities with grandeur, the opening night pays homage to the maestro Giacomo Puccini. Soprano Valentina Boi and tenor Marco Berti, accompanied by pianist Francesco Barbagelata.

Giuseppe Andaloro at Al Bustan (Friday, February 23)

Renowned pianist Giuseppe Andaloro takes center stage with a captivating performance featuring works by Frescobaldi, Bach, Liszt and Rachmaninov. Audiences can expect a riveting journey through the depths of classical and romantic repertoire, guided by Andaloro’s virtuosity and passion.

A Celebration of Friendship with Mario Stefano and Khaled Mouzanar (Tuesday, February 27)

Embracing the spirit of camaraderie, composer and pianist Khaled Mouzanar joins forces with bandoneon virtuoso Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi and an ensemble of talented musicians for an evening brimming with warmth and camaraderie. Together, they weave a tapestry of melodies that celebrate the beauty of friendship and musical collaboration.

Un Duo de Charme: Félicien Brut and Joë Christophe (Saturday, March 2)

The enchanting fusion of accordion and clarinet takes center stage as Félicien Brut and Joë Christophe enthrall audiences with their spellbinding performance. Expect an evening of delightful melodies and infectious rhythms that showcase the unique synergy between these two exceptional musicians.

Jazz Night with The Julian Joseph Trio (Friday, March 8)

Get ready to swing to the rhythm of jazz as The Julian Joseph Trio takes the spotlight. Pianist Julian Joseph, accompanied by Mark Hodgson on bass and Mark Mondesir on drums, presents an electrifying repertoire of jazz standards and original compositions, promising an unforgettable night of musical improvisation and spontaneity.

A Dazzling Pair: Daniel Lozakovich and Alexandre Kantorow (Sunday, March 10)

Violinist Daniel Lozakovich and pianist Alexandre Kantorow join forces for a captivating recital featuring works by Debussy, Franck, Grieg and Schumann. Their seamless collaboration and extraordinary musicianship promise to transport audiences to new realms of artistic expression and emotional depth.

The full program for the Al Bustan International Festival can be found on Tickets are also available at Librairie Antoine branches.

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