More than a Winery: Ardoum in Magical Mtein

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In the pretty mountain village of Mtein lies the charming family-run winery of Ardoum. Yet, there’s more than meets the eye to this magical place, as we discover.

The story

Joseph Khairallah had an unwavering love for his homeland and a vision to create something truly remarkable. In 1990, he embarked on a journey that would eventually lead to the creation of Ardoum Winery. It started with the production of Arak Al Kasr, a traditional Lebanese spirit. Yet, it wasn’t long before Khairallah discovered a hidden talent for winemaking.

Khairallah’s journey into the world of wine was inspired by his family’s rich history. For years, he studied and experimented with wine. Eventually, in 1995, he celebrated the triumph of producing his first bottle of red wine.

But the story doesn’t end there. Seeking further inspiration, Khairallah traveled to Bordeaux. There, he was captivated by the art and architecture of the renowned wine region. His brother Georges, a talented engraver and painter, also profoundly influenced Joseph. Indeed, this artistic legacy is reflected in the winery’s beautifully designed labels and the meticulously hand-carved cellar.

Returning to Lebanon in 1990, Georges set up a workshop in Mtein, where Ardoum Winery stands today. and dedicated himself to teaching drawing and painting at various art schools, further enriching the family’s artistic heritage.

The birth of Ardoum Winery

The family’s dedication to excellence earned them a stellar reputation and Ardoum Winery flourished. The private label production grew to around 400,000 to 450,000 bottles per year, catering to a select clientele.

Among the celebrated creations is the Ardoum Cabernet Sauvignon 2018, a full-bodied, dry wine that delights the palate with its velvety tannins. Sourced from the Bekaa Valley’s fertile vineyards, this wine exemplifies the rich winemaking history of the region and stands as a testament to Khairallah’s vision and craftsmanship.

More than a winery

Visitors to Ardoum Winery can experience much more than wine tours and tasting. Indeed, it is a destination for private events, including laid-back lunches in the garden. Furthermore, there are two cozy chalets for those wishing to stay overnight.

Ardoum Winery is a responsible and sustainable business that works hard to support the region. Hikes can be arranged for those wishing to explore Mtein and foodies can discover local specialties.

A timeline of Ardoum Winery’s milestones:

  • 1990: Joseph Khairallah focuses on producing Arak Al Kasr, marking the beginning of the winery’s journey.
  • 1995: The first bottle of red wine is produced after years of meticulous study and experimentation.
  • 2010: The winery undergoes a major renovation, introducing a new production line and expanding its facilities.
  • 2014: Ardoum celebrates the opening of The Cave and the first wine-tasting event.
  • 2017: Wooden chalets are operational, offering guests a unique and welcoming place to stay.

Ardoum Winery invites guests to experience their rich heritage and exceptional wines. To book a tour, contact +961 70 441 646.

Location: Bohsaissa Str., Mtein, Lebanon,

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