Mini Guide to Mtein

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As one of Mount Lebanon’s oldest villages, Mtein is packed with history, culture and architectural heritage. Head over to the pretty village for a unique trip back in time.


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Getting there

Mtein is located around 35km from Beirut. Take the Metn Express Highway, passing Baabdat towards Douar, and continue as far as Bologna. Once you have reached Bologna, turn right at the roundabout.The road is signposted.


What to Do


Photo – Mohammad Shokor

Mtein’s Main Square

The Al Lamaayiin Emirs took up residence in Mtein from the 16th century until 1840 and built the five palaces that can still be seen today. The beautiful mix of Arabic and Baroque styles, echoing the architecture of Deir el Qamar, remains characteristic of this village. The square now plays host to a number of festivals and music events throughout the year such as the annual “3asha Qarawi,” prepared by the Association of the Ladies of Mtein. The event hosts Mtein’s youth club and several Lebanese singers.


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Mtein Museum of Arts

Launched in 2013, the Mtein Museum of Arts boasts a superb collection of over 60 art pieces donated by Lebanese and non-Lebanese artists. The museum was an initiative by the municipality with the people of Mtein to not only restore Mtein old spaces and buildings, but to also encourage and preserve cultural awareness and celebrate the town’s rich heritage. As the first museum of its kind in Lebanon, visitors can admire the numerous paintings, sculptures and photographs by contacting the municipality (+961 4 296 144) or by calling Naim Baroud (+961 3 590 861).

Old Silk Factories

Originally home to seven factories, Mtein was known for its abundant berry production and silk manufacturing. Today, what you can still see are the ruins of only one silk factory, which stands defiantly just a few steps from the main square.


Outdoor Art

While wandering around the village, you will spot a number of impressive sculptures. The four pieces, pertaining to artists Nabil Helo, Nabil Basbous, Zaven Hadichian, and Shukrallah Fattouh, are beautiful works of art that decorate the streets of the town and complement its cultural wealth.


Museum of George Khairallah

Mtein is also home to the Museum of George Khairallah, containing a hundred works and articles pertaining to the great painter. Khairallah’s works have toured the world, making his museum a must-see for those visiting the village.
To visit the museum, call Salim Akl (+961 3 237281).


Photo – Bassem

Pine Forest

Alongside its archeological wonders, Mtein also has a breathtaking forest. The landmark is covered with pine treas that fil the air with deep wood aromas.


Photo – Amica Zago

Wine Tour

With four generations in winemaking, Bou Sleiman family ensures their rich tradition and culture continues with Chateau Oumsiyat (+961 4 295621). Head to their winery for some wine tasting and a tour.

Where to Eat

Khairallah Restaurant (+961 3 312 288) occupies a prime position on Mtein’s main square and serves traditional Lebanese food. A popular spot for lengthy lunches, the restaurant boasts an enviable view of the mountains facing the village.

Don’t miss the numerous bakeries dotted around the village, where you can indulge in a delicious manakish straight out of the oven.

Where to Sleep

Mtein is part of the Lebanon Mountain Trail and has a guesthouse located in the main square. Owned by the Al Qontar family, Mtein Guesthouse (+961 71 981 843) old house offers simple yet comfortable accommodation, and a unique opportunity to experience traditional life in the village.


Beit Jeddé

Offering two cozy bedrooms, Beit Jeddé (+961 4 296603) is a charming place to stay. It operates as a community center and multi-purpose space, and there’s even a small boutique selling traditional mouneh.



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