Hammana Artist House: Mount Lebanon’s Best-Kept Secret

by LBTAdmin

Nestled in the cool hills of Hammana, Hammana Artist House is a multidisciplinary art residency that focuses on the performing arts.

Founded in 2016 by Robert Eid, the house is open to local and international artists seeking to meet diverse audiences and find a quiet haven to create their work.

“Our goal was to create an artistic platform in a village setting,” Eid says. “People are moving away from village life and we wanted to decentralize art away from the capital and give something to a place with few cultural opportunities.”

“Here you can listen to a concert in the open air,” he adds, “which is much better than listening to it in a box-like theater in the city.”

Comprised of rehearsal spaces, rooms to house visiting artists, workshops and an open-air theater, Hammana Artist House offers a year-round artistic program full of plays, concerts, exhibitions and cultural events.

A total of 35 artists can stay at once; some choose to reside at Hammana Artist House for months, some only a week.

HAH is a meeting place for artists from around the world and region, who come to work, eat, sleep and complete their art here. Our workshops are also very important, offered to anyone who wishes to learn something new and artistic – such as ballet classes for adults, theater classes, etc.”

Currently on their upcoming calendar is the play “Page 7,” set to debut on 14 September, and a photography exhibition titled “Lebanon Mountains | High Atlas” on 3 October.

The exhibition is the result of a cultural exchange of six photographers between Lebanon and Morocco, focusing on environmental issues in the mountains of both countries.



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