Less than 44km from Beirut, it’s easy to disconnect from city life and immerse yourself in nature and history, following the new Trail of Wadi el Salib. The trail that stretches over 4km, takes you back to the ruins of the old village where the ancient agrarian community, between villages of Kfardebian, Feytroun and Qlay’aat, Daraya, used to live. The abundance of water from the high mountains of Kfardebian that streams through Wadi el Salib River encouraged the development of an old village and plantation terraces with many water mills and presses. During a two to three hour hike you can discover what’s left of the village landmarks: an old Ottoman bridge, ruins of old mills and grape presses, along with the crumbling remains of a silk factory and churches. In addition to hiking, visitors can enjoy rappelling, rock climbing and soon archery and Tyrolean traverse. The Heritage and Culture Association (Erth wa Thakafa) have created a trail and a picnic area and three ancient houses have been rehabilitated into guesthouses. Stay in Auberge Beity Kfardebian (03 214871) and while in the area sample local produce at Atayeb Kfardebian, Samira Zgheib (03 845257). For the local experience take guides Nassib Akiki (03 386639), Naim Mehanna (70 941573) or Charbel Sfeir (03 473718.)


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