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Jean Kreiker Climbing

The once tiny climbing community in Lebanon is rapidly growing and

attracting international attention. LT met two climbing leaders to

learn more about this adrenaline-filled sport.


Climbing in Lebanon

The Lebanese Climbing Association (LCA) and Rock Climbing Lebanon

Association (RCL) are right on the frontier of climbing in Lebanon,

challenging the sport and pushing climbing in Lebanon further with every

summit. They are both run by passionate climbers, who develop climbing

sites and work to maintain them. Chloé Comati, president of LCA, says

“[climbing] is self-challenging, a meditation, and contemplation of your

own body and your breath.” For George Emil, co-founder of RCL, it is

the only activity where he “feels that time stops.”


International Recognition


top-notch climbing spots in Lebanon and its stunning natural landscapes

have made the country a haven for local and international rock

climbers. It’s not just the quality of Lebanon’s limestone mountains,

but the quantity of climbing spots, that has attracted climbers. There

are dozens of climbing spots in Lebanon, and each has climbs suitable

for beginners to experts. “Lebanon has rocks of great quality for

climbing,” says George Emil, adding that what is now needed is

development and sustainable management to keep rock climbing going



How To Start Climbing

Beginners should

start with a professional rock climbing instructor or go with a group.

George Emil notes that beginners can familiarize themselves with rock

climbing in an indoor environment first. Once they feel comfortable with

the equipment, the technicalities, the safety measures and other

information, they can then “challenge themselves on the rock.”

Climbing Responsibly

Climbers is well known as an environmentally-friendly outdoor sport.

Climbers stay at “local guesthouses, eating local and using the services

of the local community,” says Chloé Comati. Nonetheless, the impact of

the climbing is important to consider. Sustainable management of the

sites and what surrounds them still needs to be fostered in Lebanon. Be

informed, respect and protect the sites and their vicinities, leave them

clean and respect the safety measures.


For climbing trips and information visit:

Lebanese Climbing Association,

Rock Climbing Lebanon


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