Al Falamanki’s Newest Addition

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Al Falamanki, the popular Lebanese café,  recently opened the doors of its second branch. Located near Beirut’s iconic Raouche rock, it boasts one of the best views in the capital.



A look into vintage Lebanon:
Al Falamanki's Vintage Vibe

Al Falamanki’s Vintage Vibe


The retro furnishings and the countless memorabilia placed in the cabinets and tables not only create unique feel, but also bring back memories of the good old days. You’ll be feeling nostalgic in no time at all!



A great view and venue:
Al Falamanki

Al Falamanki


Located next to the famous Raouche rock, the new branch boasts a lovely terrace and a quaint rooftop, perfect for a casual meal with family, shisha with friends, or an informal tête-à- tête.

What’s more, the restaurant has installed special lighting to make Raouche rock shine beautifully at night.



The food – of course:
Al Falamanki's Delicious Food

Al Falamanki’s Delicious Food


Al Falamanki is the quintessential Lebanese restaurant. Similar to the branch in Achrafieh, Al Falamanki Raouche’s kitchen brings back dishes that most Lebanese grew up eating at home, such as the historical fava hommos, or the balila and vegetables. There is kafta with tahini served in a clay dish, chard with beans and burghul, and now a selection of finger food and seafood appetizers to go with the new location.

Al Falamanki's Beautiful View

Al Falamanki’s Beautiful View


Al Falamanki is a restaurant and café inspired by the true story of Khalil Al Falamanki. It is a reminiscence of a legendary man who reflects a city so consumed by life and happiness, that it became everyone’s favorite place.


The small elements found on the restaurant’s walls like Khalil’s old ouds, his traditional “tarabish” hats and other elements retrieved from his private collection, tell endless stories full of emotions, and play a vital role in making Al Falamanki the place it is today.


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