Les Caves d’Eden – a Paradisic Winery with a Magical Story

by Maria Frangieh

A family-run boutique winery, Les Caves d’Eden is young in years but not in experience. Its roots go back to the beginning of the twentieth century.


An architect by trade but a wine lover at heart, Fouad Barakat was passionate about wine and wine making since he was a child. From a very young age, Fouad witnessed and even helped his father and grandfather produce wine and arak, and he fell in love with vinification.

In 2015, he decided to revive the family business and brought Les Caves d’Eden to life. “It was a labor of love; I was fully committed from the very beginning,” he says.

This passionate vintner makes wine in a way that emphasizes the distinctiveness of the grapes and vineyards of Les Caves d’Eden. He sees wine as a statement of art and music.

Good wine excites the imagination, so I always make sure that each bottle we produce creates a unique experience.

Fouad is involved in every step of the winemaking process, from planting to bottling. He believes that winemaking transcends the business of producing wine; it’s rather a process of creation, where a grape turns into a drop of ruby that fuels the senses.


In the verdant Al Bouheyre area, neighboring the Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve in North Lebanon, lies Les Caves d’Eden. Surrounded by flowing rivers, bountiful waterfalls and lush green areas, this beautiful winery — a little corner of paradise — is a perfect place for wine enthusiasts. This unique terroir lends its characteristics to the exceptional wines of Les Caves d’Eden. The fermentation takes place at the small artisanal winery that was once the family’s house and the place where wine and arak were made. The scent of history and nostalgia gives Les Caves d’Eden a magical feel that visitors can enjoy while they sip. Indeed, Les Caves d’Eden now has a beautiful collection of 10 wines with a wide range of flavors.


Visitors can start their tour with a mesmerizing stroll along the river, passing by the waterfall before they arrive at the winery. There, guests can wander around the vineyards, learn about the winemaking process and enjoy the wines with Italian and international cuisine.


La Bouheyre, Ehden, Lebanon


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Telephone:  +961 70 200059


Words by: Micheline Habib


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