Mini Guide to Douma

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Set in the heart of the Batroun mountains, Douma bears all the hallmarks of a traditional Lebanese village, with its quaint houses, noise-free streets and charming souk.


Photo – Rami Rizk

Getting There

Douma is located around 80km from Beirut. Take the highway north towards Tripoli, exiting at Amchit. Continue towards Lehfed, then Mayfouk and follow the directions to Douma.

What to Do


Photo – Peter Ghanime

Old Souk

The old souk of Douma is picture perfect, so be sure to keep your camera handy. You can enjoy a stroll around the stores and pick up some local specialties, including halawa, olive oil and homemade jams.

Hiking and Trekking

At over 1,000m above sea level, Douma offers breathtaking views and great hiking opportunities. Visitors can explore the nearby village of Bchaaleh, where there are olive trees dating back thousands of years. Another popular hiking trail is from Douma to the Baatara gorge in Balaa (see Tannourine mini guide). At 250m deep, the Baatara sinkhole was carved by water 160 million years ago and boasts three natural bridges inside it. The highlight is the waterfall, which can be observed during winter and spring.

Assia Pottery

Less than a 10-minute drive from Douma lies the village of Assia, where the tradition of pottery-making is still alive. Visit Sana Jabbour (+961 3 630626), a local artisan, to learn more about the craft and discover the unique items her family has been making for generations.

Where to Eat

Established in 1969, Esclapio (+961 6 520520) is a popular spot for indulging in  Lebanese mezze and a glass of arak. Located in the heart of Douma, the restaurant offers an exceptional view as well as a lively entertainment program on weekends.


Photo – Peter Ghanime

You won’t be able to miss the charming Doumanian Coffee Shop (+961 71 186622) nestled in Douma’s old souk. Adorned with ornaments and novelties, pop in for a refreshing drink or a bite to eat. The Doumanian Coffee Shop serves a variety of Lebanese specialties, such as foul and balila, beid balade w awarma bel fekhara, kaake and saj.  Chalhoub Restaurent (+961 3372537) an outdoor and indoor restaurant with an extravagant view of Douma nature. Indulge in tasty awarma, kishk and saj, which Jamal will prepare and serve with a smile.

Where to Sleep

Part of the Souk el Tayeb family, Beit Douma (+961 6 520702) is an old Lebanese house dating back to the 19th century. With incredible views over the mountains, the property offers six charming guest rooms.


Beit Douma

Overlooking the village, Hotel Douma (+961 6 520202) offers 40 comfortable rooms and suites. There are also a number of on-site facilities, including a children’s play area and a tennis court. The hotel can also arrange local guides for those interested in exploring the countryside.

Just minutes away from the souk lies My Stone Cellar (+961 71 283485) at ISHAC Residence, a stone-cellar guesthouse set in a 1903 heritage house. Offering four exceptional cellar rooms, it’s a wonderful choice for those seeking something a little different.


Article published on May 16, 2020
Article edited on June 29, 2021



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