Places to Go in Lebanon When You’re Feeling Down

by Maria Frangieh

We understand the importance of mental well-being, which is why we’ve compiled this list of ideas to help you get back on track. 

1- Hike in a nature reserve 

Spending time in nature is known to aid mental health. Luckily, there are numerous nature reserves in Lebanon where you can empty your mind. Check out our article to learn more about them.


Photo – @arzehmej

2- Visit a park

Although we lack public parks in the capital, Horsh Beirut is a great option if you need a long walk without the sound of noisy cars whizzing past. Find your spot for quiet meditation.


Photo – Tony Issa

3- Read at a cozy spot

Sometimes a little distraction goes a long way. Head to Barzakh (+961 78 909 472) in Hamra and enjoy this quiet cultural space and bookshop. Stick around for an art event.


Photo –

4- Reignite your inner child 

Put adult life on hold and escape to wherever your inner child takes you! Head to Dream Park or Luna Park for some fun rides, or simply take a seat on the the big ferris wheel at Manara, Beirut. 


Photo – @dreamparklebanon

5- Take a boat tour

They call it blue therapy for good reason. Spend the day out at sea and let the sound and motion of the waves calm you. You can take a boat trip from Byblos and Batroun. 


Photo – @livelovebyblos

6- Head to the mountains

It might sound simple, but we all need a reminder to get some fresh air. Leave your busy life behind and head to the mountains. If you’re unsure where to go, check out our article on 10 mountain destinations for some ideas.


Photo – @mzaarskiresort

7- Enjoy a spa day

Pamper yourself at the spa. You can soothe your mind and body by choosing from a wide variety of treatments, including massage therapy, aromatherapy and meditation. Massages are also known to increase the production of serotonin and dopamine in the body. Click here to find out about our favorite spas in Lebanon.


Photo – Mist Hotel & Spa

8- Go camping

The universe is magical, and it’s good to be reminded of it. Spend the night under the stars with friends. You can warm up by the bonfire, tell stories and, most importantly, connect with nature. 


Photo – Ali Tradieh

9- Go fishing

They say that fishing is one of the most relaxing activities known to man. Give it a go by joining a fishing group from Byblos, Tripoli or Tyre. 


10- Book a night somewhere fancy

If you feel like a lengthier getaway but don’t have the energy to leave the country, spend the night at a lovely guesthouse where you’ll be treated like royalty. Check out some of our recommendations in this article.


Photo – @theslikvalley


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