10 Most Instagrammable Places in Lebanon

by Maria Frangieh

It’s easy to brighten up your Instagram feed in Lebanon; but just in case you needed a little inspiration, here are 10 locations for a picture-perfect post.

1- Ammiq 

Bekaa is revered for its expansive plains, but we believe its treasure is the the Ammiq Wetland. Rich in biodiversity, over 250 bird species have been recorded in the area. You may even stumble upon water buffaloes taking a dip in the swamp!

Whether you’re on a hike or enjoying a picnic, you can be sure that the photos you take will look more like a hidden corner of Europe than Lebanon’s very own Bekaa.


Photo – @lebanon_explorer

2- Saint Nicolas Stairs, Beirut

The Saint Nicolas Stairs, also referred to as L’Escalier de l’Art, provide a pedestrian link between Gouraud Street and Sursock Street. Numerous art exhibitions and events take place on the stairs throughout the year, including the Cabriolet Film Festival in June/July.

With 125 steps to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect spot for that standout photograph!


Photo – @lebanontraveler

3- Douma

Located 80km from Beirut, the village of Douma is oozing with charm. Built between 1881 and 1914, you will find no fewer than 300 typical Lebanese houses, an old souk and countless other wonders. Let your feet guide you while you click that camera button.


Photo – @flyoverlebanon

4- The Phoenician Wall

Serving as protection from ocean storms and invaders in ancient time, the 225-meter-long Phoenician Wall of Batroun is one photo opportunity not to be missed.

Visit Our Lady of the Sea and capture the wall in the frame of the church’s beautiful architecture.


Photo – @ramirizk

5- Akoura Lakes

Head to the Akoura Lakes in Laqlouq for a mesmerizing nature shot. Although you’ll need to hike to the top, it’s worth the effort. The contrast of the striking blue lakes and the greenery surrounding them is truly spectacular.


Photo – @explorewithalii

6- Anfeh

Famed for its “Tahet el Rih” beach and restaurants, Anfeh has so much more to offer than just clear-blue water.

Anfeh also boasts a peninsula that’s 3,000 years old (400 meters long and 120 meters wide), which provides the perfect backdrop whichever angle you choose.


Photo – @tahetelrih_anfeh

7- Broummana

A perfect summer getaway for those looking to escape the summer heat, Broummana is guaranteed to take your breath away! From its pretty streets lined with pine trees to its cascading flowers, you want struggle to snap a beautiful picture.


Photo – @flyoverlebanon

8- Jahliye

This village in Mount Lebanon contains countless hiking trails, many of which feature a waterfall or two. You can be sure that the fresh water will reflect so beautifully in your photographs that it will appear as though you’re on an exotic island somewhere!

Slightly away from the village’s hiking spots, you’ll find the authentic side of Jahliye: saj breakfasts, old buildings and more.


Photo – @khatibmhamad

9- Saida, Hammam

Built back in 1720, this 300-year-old hammam is one of the last Ottoman bathhouses left in Saida’s old town. Although it was closed down in the late 1940s due to lack of access to water, it is now open to visitors who want to go around and take a look. The architecture is quite remarkable, so capture it on your camera and take your followers back in time!


Photo – Ksokhn

10- Our Lady of Lebanon

Inaugurated in 1908, the magnificent Our Lady of Lebanon landmark is located in Harissa. Weighing an incredible 13 tons, the bronze statue (painted white) is nestled amid a pine forest. Ascend the stairs around the statue for a fantastic view of Jounieh, or take a photo of Mary from courtyard of the church.


Photo – @ramirizk


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