Beit Al Wadi: A Labor of Love

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Promising visitors a haven of peace, L’Hôte Libanais’s family member in Abadieh is a one-story stone house surrounded by fruit trees and evergreen pines. Reem Joudi tells us more about Beit Al Wadi.

Photo – Fouad Abdel Malak

The Story

Photo – Fouad Abdel Malak

Beit Al Wadi was a labor of love for Loulou and her architect husband, Rabih. For ten years, Rabih gathered the stones that would become the foundation of his dream country home, building a simple and comfortable dwelling that combines contemporary design with the charm of traditional Lebanese architecture. Together, the dynamic duo welcomed guests from all around the world, introducing them to the warmth of Lebanese hospitality.

Since her husband passed away a few years ago, Loulou has been running Beit Al Wadi. She is a natural host; fun-loving, charming and vivacious with a welcoming spirit that makes guests instantly feel at home.


The Guesthouse

Photo – Fouad Abdel Malak

The guesthouse consists of two rooms, elegantly decorated with a melange of authentic Lebanese aesthetics and modern elements: traditional tiles with ornate designs line the floors, while modernist art pieces cover the walls. Equally inviting is the living room space: bathed in sunlight with rustic wooden accents and a fireplace, making Beit Al Wadi an ideal home away from home.

Photo – Fouad Abdel Malak

It is also the perfect place to reconnect with nature. The rooftop garden often basks in a golden glow, shaded by a hand-made, wooden tent.  Flowers and trees surround the quaint seating area and greenery stretches out as far as the eye can see. The fruits and vegetables that grow in the garden accompany the traditional breakfast Loulou serves to guests every morning and are also the key ingredients that feature in her fresh, delicious and flavorful lunches and dinners, prepared upon request.

Things to do in the area

Photo – Fouad Abdel Malak

Those who wish to enjoy a quiet escape can relax in Beit Al Wadi’s garden, where they can read and admire the surrounding landscape. Alternatively, the nearby city of Aley offers guests a plethora of restaurant options and a vibrant nightlife. For those wishing to learn more about Lebanese culture, crafts and heritage, the Bsous Silk Museum (05 940767, is a short 20-minute drive away.


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