How Lebanon Made The World’s Top 10 NYE Destinations

by LBTAdmin

The New Year has rounded off a beautiful holiday season in Lebanon and things hit a high note after National Geographic named Beirut a top international destination for its end-of-year celebrations.

National Geographic released its list of top 10 New Year’s Eve destinations around the world, and Beirut was ranked highly. Indeed, 2018 was a remarkable year in terms of international exposure as Lebanon was named a top summer destination and dubbed “an overlooked culinary destination.”

The country may be known as a party hub, but the holiday season as a whole holds a special place in the hearts of the Lebanese. It is a time when many families living abroad join their loved ones, and when the streets are vibrant.

This past month, many major cities across Lebanon have erected large Christmas trees and have filled their streets with decorations bringing to life the spirit of the holidays and a certain kind of magic that words simply can’t capture. However, these videos from different parts of the country might.


Videos by: Joe Sokhn


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