Dream in Gold: Joanna Dahdah

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“I love Lebanese heritage and built on that to create my latest collection” – we profile the golden world of jewelry through the eyes of designer Joanna Dahdah.
Joanna Dahdah

Joanna Dahdah

Playfully creative, Joanna Dahdah is a young jewelry designer who, from the get-go, has received global recognition for her innovations and has been on a roll ever since.


Choosing to work with gold for its versatility, Dahdah’s fascination for this conductive metal and love for one of the world’s most renowned painters, Gustav Klimt, eventually saw the young designer crafting her first collection aptly titled “Muse.” Her creations caught the eye of an editor at Italian Vogue and soon afterward, she was awarded “Best Newcomer of 2010” at London Jewelry Week.
Dahdah's unique artwork

Dahdah’s unique artwork

Explaining what makes her intricate work unique, Dahdah cites its detail. “My first collection was very sculptural, with large hollow shapes, bold colors and mat gold. Yet aside from the design, what makes it distinct is my out of-the–box thinking. The element of surprise is always present in my work, making it unlike anything else available on the market.”
Dahdah's Traditional Work

Dahdah’s Traditional Work

As a designer who is relatively new to the scene, Dahdah believes that achieving success locally and internationally requires a great deal of patience. “The jewelry markets in both Lebanon and in Europe are fascinating. However, as any young brand name knows, the globally unstable economic situation could pose a serious threat, which is why we always have to find new ways to adapt and never give up.”


For that very reason, setting oneself apart from the competition is paramount. Evident in her work, she has drawn on her own experience by exploring Lebanese history and culture. “I love Lebanese heritage and built on that to create my latest collection. Titled ‘Tarbouche,’ it comprised 11 charms, an idea that has proven to be quite effective, not to mention identifiably-relatable, especially throughout the region.”

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