Zahlé is notable for its traditional red-roofed houses, old souk and decorated facades typical of local 19th Century architecture. It has 38 churches and 7 mosques. On the first day, take a walk in the old city and extend the promenade to the Berdawni river where you can enjoy a Lebanese Zahlawi mezze. Later visit the Maqâm of Karak Nouh shrine and at the end of the day watch the sun setting over the Bekaa Valley from the shrine of Our Lady of Zahlé. On the second day visit Wadi El Habis in Fourzol, the temples of Niha and finish the day with the Maqâm of Nabi Ayla in Nabi Ayla. The following day, take a long stop at Ksara winery for a morning wine tasting, followed by lunch, before heading home.


Make the lodge Rassemblement des Jeunes (08 545200) your base for the weekend.


Enjoy a mezze with old school Lebanese charm by the Berdaouni River in Zahle, a delicious sandwich at Massaad Barbecue (08 807677), or have a picnic under the trees in front of Niha temples. Stop on the way home for cheese and wine at Ksara winery (08 813495).


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