Snapchat Star: Georgio Bassil

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Georgio Bassil, a Lebanese architecture student, took a picture on Snapchat two years ago and drew a monster on it. Fast forward to September 2016, Georgio was awarded the Best Snapchat Artist of the Year Award at the Ghosties, a ceremony honoring the world’s most talented users. Georgio has been named one of the top Snapchatters worldwide by NY Magazine, Mashable, TechInsider, Buzzfeed, Glamour Magazine and more. We caught up with the man himself to learn more about his success. 

What got you to start Snapchatting?

Two years ago, I became an avid user of Snapchat as it intrigued my creative side. Limited Snapchat drawing tools meant I had to be very imaginative!

So why the monsters?

I enjoyed creating monsters who follow me on my daily workout routines, in my studies, on my hikes, on my way to college… These monsters became my signature. I can always create a new and unique one for the next adventure!

What inspires you to keep Snapping?

I, along with the best worldwide Snapchatters, created a Snapchat community where we inspired each other to grow as international influencers. What gives me great pride and motivation is that I continue to be the only Middle Eastern Snapchatter in the international Snapchat community.

Georgio Bassil

Georgio Bassil

You are definitely the first Lebanese Snapchatter to go international. How does that feel?

So many people living in the US and Europe came to me after I won the awards and told me that I changed their view of Lebanon! I think this is something really huge after what’s happening around us.


What do you do when you aren’t Snapping?

I’m currently doing my master’s in interior architecture in USEK and I still have one semester left.

What do your parents think about your newfound Snapchat fame?

My parents have been my number one supporters from day one and they really believe that greater things are coming.


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