5 Lebanese Instagram Crushes

by LBTAdmin

Lebanon Traveler just hit 10K followers on Instagram thanks to the creative Lebanese Instagrammers who have helped remind us why we love Lebanon. Scroll through images of snow-capped mountains, Mediterranean views, and bustling cities with these five Lebanese Instagrammers.



Antonio Haber, @antoniohab

We’ve been obsessed with Antonio Haber’s Instagram for some time now. Playing with light and symmetry, Antonio’s posts always remind us what’s so special about this tiny country we call home.

Post from Antonio Haber's Page

Post from Antonio Haber’s Page


Diala Shuhaiber, @frame_with_a_view

Diala Shuhaiber is a world traveler, explorer, and top-notch photographer. Her pictures capture scenery from around Lebanon through doorways, windows, trees and other beautiful natural frames.

Post from Diala Shuhaiber's Page

Post from Diala Shuhaiber’s Page

Saad Dabbous, @saadude

Ever wondered what Lebanon looks like from 9,000 meters above the ground? Instragrammer and MEA Pilot, Saad Dabbous, is here to show you. He specializes in sweeping aerial shots of Beirut that will make your knees weak.

Post from Saad Dabbous's Page

Post from Saad Dabbous’s Page

Theo Bafitos, @theobaf

Theo is a Lebanese architect and avid Instagrammer. Using geometric shapes and creative framing, Theo truly combines Instagram with art.

Post from Theo Bafitos's Page

Post from Theo Bafitos’s Page


Joe Kosseify, @joe_kosseify

Joe Kosseify’s Instagram captures the wild side of Lebanon with his pictures of paragliding, parasailing, and biking in Lebanon. Scroll through to fall back in love with this beautiful Mediterranean paradise.

Post from Joe Kosseify's Page

Post from Joe Kosseify’s Page


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