Tripoli is a city teeming with a strong Lebanese heritage and traditional Middle Eastern culture. Though it is best known for its richness in old tradition, new concepts are quickly making their way to this northern city—like the café and artistic hub, Warche 13.


The laid-back vibe, modern paintings and artsy décor in Warche 13 immediately set it apart from your typical Tripoli café. There is a constantly rotating art gallery on display, cushions strewn about, and often a guitarist strumming away in a corner. At its most basic level, Warche 13 is a restaurant and café. Its menu features items ranging from organic yogurt to bagels to pesto paninis, and freshly brewed coffee is served all day long.

However, what really defines Warche 13 is the creative events and workshops they host weekly. Warche 13 is actively “bringing people together in a common art space” and they are succeeding. Their performances, events, and workshops attract Tripolis local and foreign artistic community that, until now, has lacked a communal space to share ideas and foster creativity.

As Tripoli’s first artistic hub, Warche 13 is proving that art, creativity and collaboration do not contradict tradition, but rather grow from it.


Warche 13

Al Mina, Tripoli

03 467795


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