“The Urban Experience” Brings the World to Beirut

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3Beirut is now home to 10-day art exhibition titled “The Urban Experience,” put together by Artual Gallery.

“The Urban Experience”

“The Urban Experience”

The show features paintings, photographs and sculptures by 14 international artists, all exploring cross-culturalism in fun, fresh and colorful ways. Curated by Hind Ahmad, the exhibition shares their stories, backgrounds, cultures and traditions.

George Morton Clark, a British artist, used to work for Looney Tunes creating cartoon in motion. He now peruses an independent art career. “I specifically wanted George [Morton Clark] for this series,” Ahmad says, “because I thought it would be relevant to the atmosphere I have created in the gallery.”

Some of George Morton Clark's artwork

Some of George Morton Clark’s artwork

Several paintings from Clark’s series are exhibited in the group show, including Jerry the mouse from “Tom & Jerry” and Donald Duck.

Other eye-catching works include the steel, fiberglass and resin sculptures in the shape of bright helium balloons by American artist Adam Parker Smith and Yazan Halwani’s “Al3ayn” painting featuring his signature Arabic calligraphy.

Adam Parker Smith and Yazan Halwani’s “Al3ayn” painting

Adam Parker Smith and Yazan Halwani’s “Al3ayn” painting

“The Urban Experience” is on at 3Beirut, Omar Daouk St., Minet el Hosn, until 28 April, from 12-7 pm daily.


Text: Maghie Ghali




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