L’Espace Al Bustan, a luxury spa and oriental hammam, located at the iconic Al Bustan Hotel in Beit Mery, is celebrating summer in style.


L’Espace Al Bustan offers a range of activities in and around the spa grounds, including yoga and Zumba sessions, informal fashion shows, and pop-up shops by Syma Beydoun, Lala Rose, Senteurs d’Orient, Nalbandian and Green Tara Home Decor.

Their range of spa treatments is also vast, offering fusion massages, skin detoxes, traditional Turkish bath experiences, jacuzzi and sauna, plus many more.

History buffs will love that fact that the spa is a stunning old building rediscovered by the founder Emile Bustani. When he heard that the decrepit Grand Hotel was up for auction, a place Bustani courted his wife Laura in the 1930s, he saw great promise in building a new hotel in such a beautiful location.

For over half a century, the hotel has been a Lebanese landmark, lovingly run by three generations of the Bustani family. Steeped in family tradition and heritage, Al Bustan is imbued with the grand spirit of its founder.

This one-of-a-kind spa is the perfect getaway location for relaxing and unwinding.

For more information visit hotelalbustan.com


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