Talking Tableware with Lebanese Designer Halla Moghabghab

by LBTAdmin

Drawing on her Lebanese background, Halla Moghabghab has created a range of homeware and tableware that is as functional as it is elegant. We learn more about her unique style and brand: Halla M.

What can you tell us about your career journey?

I was always interested in beautiful objects, and the design aspect in particular attracted me. So, what started as a creative hobby more than 20 years ago has become my job. Halla M home deco pieces are the result!

How would you describe your creative style?

I believe that my work is trendy yet practical, colorful and classy. By fusing traditional, oriental and modern themes, I produce home deco pieces that stand out but are subtle and usable. In essence, Halla M is perfect for those seeking designs with a special twist — something new, original and different.

What’s your motto?

Moving forward in style, always.

To what extent are you influenced by Lebanon and how is this translated in your work?

My Lebanese heritage is always present in my designs. I always work with Lebanese craftspeople to preserve our artisanship and seek perfection in the quality of Halla M items.

I have to admit that the Lebanese houses collection is my most cherished. It is popular with clients everywhere because it adds a pop of color to classical tableware: a tribute to Lebanese homes.

Furthermore, in a bid to integrate new materials into my creations, I recently launched the cane collection. It resonates with us Lebanese, reminding us of the iconic cane furniture in the homes of our ancestors. I am happy to say that it was a hit, and many people have been ordering the thermos set and heater cane display items.

Which towns/cities in Lebanon inspire you and why?

Chouf is very special to me, especially my village of Ain Zhalta. The whole region is spectacular: authentic Lebanese towns and villages, old houses with colorful windows and gardens filled with pine trees.

What are the greatest challenges for designers in Lebanon these days?

The challenges are many. The financial situation has been a heavy burden for all of us, not to mention the lack of governmental support and export complications. However, as a Lebanese designer, I always look ahead to overcoming all the obstacles in my way to achieving my goals and representing my country wherever I go.

Where can we purchase a Halla M design?

Halla M is found in Los Angeles, Miami, Geneva, London and the GCC. We also have many points of sale in Lebanon.

+961 3 255 599, @hallamog1


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