The Record-Breaking Rosary Of Lebanon In Deir El Ahmar

by LBTAdmin

Deir El Ahmar is a village in Bekaa located just 15km northwest of Baalbeck. A religious project is underway to construct a huge concrete rosary, the largest in the world.

The site of the rosary, which can be found near the main road that runs between Deir El Ahmar and Beshouat, is on a piece of land owned by the Lebanese Maronite Order on which a convent was built in 2006 and the rosary project was announced in 2011.

The Rosary of Lebanon measures 600m in length and is made up of 59 illuminated beads: six Our Fathers for confession and 53 Hail Marys for prayer and contemplation. It leads to the cross of the resurrection and to a large amphitheater for prayer and outdoor celebrations. A space under the cross is dedicated to the contemplation of the Blessed Sacrament.


Deir El Ahmar has around 14 churches, including Mar Youssef (Saint Joseph), Saydet El Z’our and Mar Yohanna (Saint John). Just behind Deir El Ahmar is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Beshouat (Saydet Beshouat). It has been a site of pilgrimage for a long time where many miracles, attributed to the Virgin Mary, are reported. It is now a beautiful sanctuary with two churches: the old church with the statue of the Virgin and the stone said to be where miracles take place, and the beautiful new church.

The old monastery of Mar Saba and a historic spring, Ain El Dayaa, can also be found in Beshouat as well as a number of caves and a selection of restaurants serving delicious Lebanese fare to visitors. Continue your way after Beshouat to visit the Barqa area, famous for its juniper forest.


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