Fall is one of our favorite seasons, especially in Lebanon. We are obsessed with nature’s yellow and orange hues, and so will you be when you check our suggestions of where to go hiking. Here are 10 hikes that are perfect for this time of year.


1- Al Qammouaa forest – Akkar

Akkar’s Al Qammouaa forest contains more than 10 million trees from 50 different species, including juniper, cedar and oak. Located at an altitude of 1,600 meters, it is an ideal spot to admire the Milky Way! Needless to say, we’re not surprised that it has been ranked among the most beautiful forests in the world.


Photo – @discover.akkar


2- Shouf Biosphere Reserve

Home to 32 species of wild mammal, nine of which are considered rare by international standards, this spectacular reserve is a hiker’s dream come true. Many of the cedar and oak trees are estimated to be over 2,000 years old! A hike in this biosphere is a special one, particularly noting the fact that you can adopt a cedar tree before you leave. 


Photo – @spyro_klitira


3- Horsh Ehden Reserve

This reserve has a northern and upper-southern entrance, both of which will lead you toward several small trails. Although considered moderately challenging, the hike is quite popular, taking, on average, around three hours to complete. Be prepared for some absolutely stunning fall views. 


Photo – @onfootwego


4- El Laklouk

El Laklouk is one of Mount Lebanon’s incredible wonders. As you ascend the rugged mountains, you’ll pass captivating lakes that almost look surreal. Photography lovers get ready; your cameras will be working overtime with so many scenery to capture! 


Photo – @saydetelqaren


5- Tannourine

Home to around 70,000 ancient cedar trees, Tannourine’s unique topography has created five trails of varying difficulty that are not for the faint of heart! Look out for natural grottos, as well as endemic plants. Slight fog, that’s common during fall, will make the hike even more enjoyable!

tannourine-forest-lebanon-traveler-tourism (2)

Photo – @flyoverlebanon


6- Ouyoun Orghosh

Ouyoun Orghosh is a fantastic fall destination. Trees bearing yellow leaves and the crisp weather make this place a fall must! The area is abundant in ponds and springs. The nine-kilometer hike is fairly easy and extremely rewarding. Have a picnic by the lakeside and soak up the beauty that surrounds you.


Photo – @ramirizk


7- Sawfar

Sawfar combines nature, culture, art and history. Explore Zawareeb Sawfar, with its historic hotels, old church, authentic Lebanese houses, abandoned train station and more.  Nature’s yellow-reddish colors will simply take your breath away!


Photo – @alexelaref


8- Qaraoun

The Qaraoun hiking trail is an easy one to follow. Although you won’t see much on the way due to the area’s aridity, the hike ends by the lake, which is beyond magical.


Photo – @nadahamzeh


9- Jezzine

Jezzine offers eight different trails for hikers, which all rich in nature and history, like the Coal Mine Trail and Butterfly Trail. For those looking to explore as much as they can in a single adventure, the 360-degree trail affords exquisite views of the entire region.


Photo – @thestrollingtarzan


10- Marjeyoun

Near the village of Marjeyoun lies the Ebl El Saqi Nature Reserve, which is home to thousand-year-old olive trees and grand pines. Admire the panoramic views of the plain of Marjeyoun. Besides its natural beauty, there are archeological sites that date back to Roman times. 


Photo – Elie Hachem


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