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23 DEC 2017
With the support of the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism, we take you around four impressive museums in and around Beirut.
10 AUG 2017
Take a wander around and you’ll soon discover the wealth and depth of art this town has to offer. LT takes a look at 10 art galleries to get you started.
28 JUN 2017
Renowned for its outlandish design, LT takes a unique look at Beirut’s most iconic nightclub.
16 MAY 2017
For lovers of coffee, Beirut’s rich café culture is second to none. LT rounds up some of the best outdoor spots to grab a freshly brewed cup and watch the world go by.
07 MAR 2017
The weather is finally heating up in Beirut. Time to ditch your puffy jacket and bid a happy farewell to the short day of winter. Get the most out of the warmer weather with these five sunny activities around Beirut.
03 MAR 2017
LT gets inside the famous Rose House, a crumbling and abandoned 19th century mansion overlooking the Manara waterfront.
16 FEB 2017
Whether you like your brunch savory with eggs and bacon, or sweet with blueberry pancakes, it is an institution of the modern diet that is at once decadent, indulgent and totally awesome.
08 FEB 2017
Much of Beirut’s art is accessible to the public, and some of the city’s best galleries are within walking distance of one another. We took an afternoon to explore the galleries of the eclectic neighborhoods of Mar Mikhael and Gemmayze by foot.
25 JAN 2017
Whether you are there for a meal, a drink, an Arabic lesson or a place to sleep, the atmosphere at Saifi Urban Gardens is refreshingly welcoming, consistently international and unfailingly cool.
24 JAN 2017
The flourishing pub and bar scene is taking over Beirut, and with them come happy hours- the blissful few hours each afternoon where you can drink, eat, and enjoy the beginning of another Beirut night without fear of bankruptcy. Here are our top picks for bars around the city with the best happy hour deals.
12 JAN 2017
Although it seems to have become harder to find a spot in Beirut with good old live music, there are still some places to enjoy a gig or two. Here are seven cool venues where you can kick back with the band.
14 DEC 2016
The Beirut Art Residency, where regional and international artists live and work in the same space, is fresh on the Beirut art scene and is bringing its own ideas about art to the table.

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