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08 FEB 2017
Much of Beirut’s art is accessible to the public, and some of the city’s best galleries are within walking distance of one another. We took an afternoon to explore the galleries of the eclectic neighborhoods of Mar Mikhael and Gemmayze by foot.
25 JAN 2017
Whether you are there for a meal, a drink, an Arabic lesson or a place to sleep, the atmosphere at Saifi Urban Gardens is refreshingly welcoming, consistently international and unfailingly cool.
24 JAN 2017
The flourishing pub and bar scene is taking over Beirut, and with them come happy hours- the blissful few hours each afternoon where you can drink, eat, and enjoy the beginning of another Beirut night without fear of bankruptcy. Here are our top picks for bars around the city with the best happy hour deals.
12 JAN 2017
Although it seems to have become harder to find a spot in Beirut with good old live music, there are still some places to enjoy a gig or two. Here are seven cool venues where you can kick back with the band.
14 DEC 2016
The Beirut Art Residency, where regional and international artists live and work in the same space, is fresh on the Beirut art scene and is bringing its own ideas about art to the table.
01 DEC 2016
Beirut is a constantly growing metropolis. But if you know where to go, Beirut can transport you back to a time when Kaake vendors roamed the streets and ice cream was made by hand.
26 OCT 2016
LT meets painter Hassan Jouni in his studio in the atmospheric neighborhood of Manara. The Lebanese artist shares his nostalgia for “old Beirut” – a world he recreates in his paintings showing its architecture, cafés, people and warmth.
01 AUG 2016
Over the last few years, the sleepy residential neighborhood of Badaro has blossomed into one of the hippest Beirut districts. Lebanese guide company Zawarib explores the more chilled part of town, where cafes and restaurants sprawl out onto its wide, tree-lined sidewalks
28 JUN 2016
An iconic landmark in the heart of the city, Beirut Hippodrome continues its 100-year horse racing tradition. LT meets a few of its biggest advocates, fighting for the development and preservation of one of Beirut’s largest remaining green spaces
17 FEB 2016
Originating in south west China and a bona fide tradition in the UK and across the Middle East, tea has become the most widely consumed beverage in the world after water. Rich and rare blends have changed the face of this popular thirst-quencher from a herbal remedy to a rather sophisticated drink. Taste & flavors discovers the best tea spots in town
15 FEB 2016
Beirut’s central Downtown district has a variety of atmospheres from the lively to the serene. The neighboring Saifi Village is for daytime wandering; despite being surrounded by major roads, it’s a tranquil bubble in the heart of the city. Lebanese guide company, Zawarib, takes us on a tour highlighting everything from hip eateries to designer boutiques
03 JAN 2016
LT has checked out some of the city’s most popular gyms, exercise classes and spas and there’s certainly something for every taste – from 30-minute high intensity workouts in a nightclub setting to indoor cycling to a rock soundtrack. Here are our eight picks around Beirut so you can get a head start on the New Year’s resolution fitness rush

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