5 Things Foreigners Should Do in Lebanon

by Maria Frangieh

Culture vultures rejoice! Lebanon is the perfect destination to partake in a deeper and more immersive travel experience that goes beyond the surface. Explore off-beat and underrated cities in this unique country. Check out these five ideas recommended by travel coach Jenny Johnson.

1- Get to know Beirut with a walking tour

By far the best and easiest way to get acclimated on your first day is to wander around the capital. Listen to locals who live there and understand the current climate. Remember they are well versed in everything, from history to food, and love to share, so be prepared with your questions.


Photo – Jenny Johnson

2- Hit the road! (Either rent a car or hire a driver)

Lebanon is a small country, so days trips are ideal. Visit Jezzine, a jewel in South Lebanon, to see its epic 74m waterfall that plunges over its steep limestone cliffs. As the water pummels the ground at the foot of the waterfall, it creates a loud sound while enveloping you in thick mist. Its a total sensory experience not to be missed. 

Furthermore, Jezzine is famous for its handcrafted knives that take the form of a phoenix. They are intricately made of inlaid mosaic and bone: a great souvenir for those back home.


Photo – @dinofossilsuk

3- Go hunting for 100 million-year-old marine fossils near Byblos

Marine fossils in the mountains? You won’t believe it until you see it with your very own eyes! From changes in sea level to perfect fossilizing conditions, this incredible scientific discovery is still being excavated today.

4- Meet an eighth-generation soap maker

On the second floor of an old building overlooking a busy courtyard deep in the maze of Tripoli’s souks is where you will find Mahmoud. Watch this master knead his brightly colored, thick pastes, which he turns into a beautifully handcrafted organic olive oil bar of soap. 


Photo – Jenny Johnson

5- Get lost in the souks of Tripoli

From hidden passages leading to secret hammams, to the clicking sound of the “kahwaji” (coffee man), the souks of Tripoli yearn to be explored. Immerse yourself in the labyrinth and a tangled web of alleyways and stone-vaulted rooms. It’s a treasure hunt like no other!


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