In Lebanon, the ancient board game backgammon is much more than just a game to pass the time of day;  it’s tied into Lebanese identity


– In the heart of Beirut, the atmosphere at Al Falamanki (01 323456,, Monot Street, Beirut) restaurant takes you back to village life. Play a game of backgammon in relaxing surroundings to a soundtrack of Fairouz while enjoying mezze.

– Popular Hamra spot T Marbouta’s  (01 350274, Hamra Square Center) love of the game is obvious upon entering with a large wall-sized artwork of two players hunched over a game of backgammon above Beirut’s urban sprawl. Their outdoor terrace attracts a younger crowd of hip Beirutis and is the perfect spot to get lost in a game between conversations, food and arak.

– Located in Manara, Café Rawda’s (01 743348, General de Gaulle Avenue, Manara) vast leafy terrace overlooking the sea makes for a stunning backdrop to a game of backgammon with a mint lemonade and narguileh.


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