Top 10 Budget-Friendly Activities in Lebanon

by LBTAdmin

Having a good time needn’t cost you much. We asked travel blogger Nadine Chemali to share her 10 favorite low-budget activities to keep you and your finances healthy.

1- Go on a hike


Photo – Joe Sokhn

With all the challenges we are facing lately, nature remains the best place to relax and breathe, especially in fall. Lebanon is endowed with some wonderful hiking trails of varying difficulty for you to choose from. Take advantage of mobile apps like Map My Hike, where you can find popular hikes. You can also contact hiking groups such as Wild Adventures (+961 3 031562), Born 2 Hike (+961 3 287838), as well as many others.

Check out 10 Best Natural Wonders in Lebanon and 6 Family-Friendly Hiking Destinations.

2- Discover Lebanon’s museums


Photo – Joe Sokhn

Learn about the past, explore the present and create the future. This is an invitation to reconnect with our roots and discover our culture and history again.

There are around 25 must-see museums in Lebanon, including the Mim Museum (+961 1 421 672), which houses 1,400 minerals and gems from over 60 countries.

Check out Lebanon’s well-known museums and begin your adventure.

3- Watch a dreamy sunset


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There is nothing better than an epic sunset to lift our spirits, particularly when you’ve got the sea for company. If you’re in need of some inspiration, click here.

4- Visit religious sites


Photo – Joe Sokhn

Lebanon is revered for its religious diversity, and there are countless sites around the country that provide peaceful spaces for contemplation.

Try using Holy Lebanon, the travel e-guide promoting religious-based tourism and supporting the sustainable development of local communities. The application can be downloaded on Apple Store or Google Play.

You can also visit the 5 Tallest Christian Statues in Lebanon, where magnificent views are guaranteed.

5- Bike anywhere


Photo – Joe Sokhn

Cycling has become extremely popular in recent years, providing a great way to discover new areas. It is a healthy and eco-friendly activity that can be done alone or with others.

If you don’t have your own wheels, you can rent a bike from Beirut by Bike (+961 70 435524) or Routes in Batroun (+961 76 338762). Experienced cyclists can complete a beautiful trip from Beirut to Batroun.

6- Rediscover the souks


Photo – Joe Sokhn

From Tripoli to Saida, Lebanon’s old souks are bursting with life. Embrace the chaos of the narrow streets and support local producers. You can most certainly find traditional items and delicacies unique to each area.

7- Go fishing


Photo – Joe Sokhn

If you want to reduce your stress and improve your concentration, then fishing is for you. Contact Dbayeh Fishing Club in Dbayeh Marina (+961 3 256626), which offers yacht charters and boat rentals for fishing and cruises. You will need your hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, towel and, most importantly, a fishing kit. If you don’t have a kit, you can purchase one from Decathlon (Dbayeh), Kyriakos Freres (Ain El Mreisseh), Samir Sport (Tabarja/Dbayeh) or Jigging Shop (Jiyeh).

8- Pick fruits and vegetables


Photo – Joe Sokhn

Lebanon is abundant in fruits and vegetables, and each season promises its own tasty jewels. Fall is the season of apples, so head to Baskinta or Akoura for the harvest. The Germanos family who own and run Guita Bed and Bloom (+961 3 943420) in Akoura often organize apple picking activities during the season.

9- Go skating in the park and have a picnic


Photo – Joe Sokhn

Green spaces are magic, and one of the best places in the city to enjoy the fresh air and greenery is Horsh Beirut. If you’re feeling like a lazy afternoon, take a picnic, do some yoga and meditate. For the more energetic types, the Snoubar Skatepark, the first skate park in Lebanon, is a great option.

10- Go camping and stargaze


Photo – Joe Sokhn

We have numerous cool campsites to spend the night under the stars. It is always a good idea to enjoy the wild and reconnect with nature while sleeping in a tent and contemplating the stars; especially the shooting stars in August.

Check out the different campsites for more details.


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