4 Reasons to Visit Aqaba

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The stunning city of Aqaba, on Jordan’s southwest coast, is a place where beauty and beach life converge. Step off the plane and you will feel yourself relax right away as the warm air and mellow atmosphere embrace you.

Despite its growing popularity, Aqaba has managed to retain the feel of a small town while offering the amenities of a tourist destination. Here are four reasons you should visit this Jordanian jewel.

Water Activities at Aqaba

1. The Water Activities Are Awesome

Aqaba is Jordan’s only coastal city on the Red Sea, making it a perfect jumping off point for all kinds of water activities. You can go scuba diving, snorkeling, rent a boat, or simply enjoy the sandy beach in Tala Bay.

Wadi Rum And Petra

Wadi Rum And Petra

2. Wadi Rum And Petra Are Easily To Get To

Wadi Rum, the expansive Jordanian desert, is located just 50 minutes from Aqaba while the ancient city of Petra is a further hour and a half from there. Explore the menacing deserts or marvel at the rock-cut architecture of Petra, one of the seven wonders of the world, and head back to the breezy city of Aqaba at the end of the day without feeling like you’ve spent the whole day in the car!

Aqaba Local Food

Aqaba Local Food

3. The Local Food Tastes Great

Because Aqaba is Jordan’s only coastal city, it has a distinctive cuisine. Specialties include Kishnah, a savory dish made up of fish, tomatoes and onions which are cooked together. Don’t miss the delicious Bukhari, a meal made of rice, meat, humus beans, ghee and spices and the Jordanian specialty of Mansaf, the Levantine dish made of rice, lamb, and yogurt.

Aqaba Road

Aqaba Road

4. You Can Fly There Cheaply And Directly 

Jordanian Royal Wings is offering a direct one and a half hour flight to Aqaba for just $200 USD roundtrip. Fly from Beirut into King Hussein International Airport and take a quick 20 minute drive into the heart of Aqaba.


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